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About Us

ABS was established in 2010, located in Temple, TX, with offices in Costa Rica. We currently distribute drug and alcohol testing kits throughout Latin America.

Our main objective is to solve one of the most persistent problems in our society today: the inability to get drug and alcohol results fast, convenient, at an affordable price while maintaining user confidentiality.
proveedores de alcoholímetros, y pruebas rápidas de alcohol y drogas

At ABS we work hand in hand with companies like MP Biomedicals, Lifeloc, Q3 Innovations, Alfa Scientific and Dräger, which are all truly committed to providing solutions to eliminate substance abuse in your company or institution by offering rapid drug and alcohol testing.


Participate in the sustainable development for all types of organizations through the implementation of rapid drug and alcohol testing in order to create a safer, healthier, productive and substance free environment. In this way your company or educational project can maintain a confident image and security with the passage of time without neglecting their contribution to our society.


Our vision is to be recognized as the market leader with innovative solutions staying focused on our breathalyzers and rapid drug tests, providing substantial value to existing and emerging needs of our society so it can closely control the use of drugs and alcohol.

We will work to make this vision a reality, focusing on the needs of our customers, making good use of technological and human resources and at the same time continue looking for more and better options for our customers offering them innovative, precise, affordable, and user friendly products.