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Saliva drug testing digital

prueba de drogas digital, Dräger DrugTest® 5000

ABS is the first company to introduce the new 5000 Drug Test which quickly detects six different drugs through saliva. Built by renowned Dräger, who has been at the forefront with regard to new consumption patterns.

Reliable and easy to use, the Dräger DrugTest ® 5000 analyzer provides qualitative detection for 6 kinds of drugs through saliva collection test kits. This machine performs accurately and obtains reliable analysis within minutes, displaying the result on the screen, ensuring an accurate reading.

The analyzer memory can store up to 500 tests with a simple operation of only three buttons, you can easily connect to a wide variety of recording devices such as a PC, a printer or bar code reader. It has a bag and carrying case.


  • Dräger Mobile Printer
  • Keyboard
  • DrugTest ® Test Kits 5000
  • Collection Kits
  • Manuals


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