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We at A Best Services, also known as ABS, are concerned about the high rates of alcohol and drug abuse. If you are wanting to know if there might be drug or alcohol issues in your workplace, school, institution or home, ABS offers the most affordable and accurate drug tests and breathalyzers on the market, giving you rapid results. Our drug and alcohol monitors are precise and hassle free for testing employees, students or any one you might consider under the influence of almost any substance.

MP, Lifeloc, Orasure, Dräger

Our drug testing kits are approved, with quality controls and have a long shelf life, while our breathalyzers are approved . These products are also manufactured under quality standards manual of good practices and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These certifications support the high control quality and production of our products. Both law enforcement and medical facilities can use these products for secure and rapid results.

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