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Prueba de Drogas portátil Oral-View

Oral-View® Saliva Multi-Drug of Abuse Test (Oral Fluids Test)
The Oral-View® Saliva Multi-Drug of Abuse Test is a rapid lateral flow test designed to simultaneously detect up to 8 drugs of abuse in human saliva. Oral fluid testing is a recent development in drug testing, combining rapid detection with high clinical accuracy and tamper-resistant results.

Advantages of the rapid test drug Oral-View®

  • The results are ready in about 5 minutes
  • Test step
  • Collection method is easy
  • Minimal sample required – minimize the length of time required to collect a saliva specimen from your donor.
  • The device can be sent to confirm positive results
  • Also available in single-drug formats
  • Manufactured in the United States

• This product is available for export. Now CE Marked for sale in Europe.
• In the United States this product is for Forensic Use Only. This product is NOT for At Home or Over-the-Counter Sale. This product is NOT for use in any medical diagnosis or treatment in the United States.
This two-step test has a built in collector – no need for a separate collector or extra steps for viewing test results. This easy to use test helps you monitor if you have collected a sufficient donor sample to run the test.


Eight (8) analytes are available in the Oral-View® Saliva Test:
Abbreviation Description Cut-Off Level
AMP Amphetamine 50 ng/mL
BZD Benzodiazepine 20 ng/mL
COC Cocaine 20 ng/mL
MET Methamphetamine with Ecstasy (MDMA) 50 ng/mL
OPI Morphine/Opiates 40 ng/mL
MTD Methadone 30 ng/mL
PCP Phencyclidine 10 ng/mL
THC Marijuana 12 ng/mL


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