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This is what some of our clients have said about us:

“As regards the service received during the time we’ve worked with ABS, and the Doping tests, it’s excellent: always attentive any time we need tests, and remarkable information received. The tests have also been of great value for the company, since we do pre-employment  testing, avoiding issues when hiring staff and the inherent expenses incurred in after the contract.”

Henry Murillo V.
Transporte Internacional GASH S.A.


“Concerning the test you provide, I must mention the following:

  • I have been very pleased with the service and I’m very satisfied with their efficiency
  • The drug tests have been quite a success, since we have avoided inadvertently hiring the wrong personnel, since the previous tests we employed didn’t show the same quality as yours; they’re quite effective and faultless until now.
  • The service regarding questions arising during the process has been very professional, timely and welcome.
  • In the case of the alcohol device, we have been very satisfied; this product has helped us with the staff, also when requesting nozzles, the previous products we worked with were harder to find
  • The truth is I’m very happy and would like to thank you for the excellent quality and service of your products; I wish you keep the same quality we’ve always received, and that you experience sustained growth.”

Juan Diego Salguero
Grupo Orosi


“I wish you know your drug detection tests have been very useful in the pre-employment screening, since it gives us information about a patient’s life style and backgrounds in drug use; although they deny it, it’s later confirmed and they accept using it.

We have been well cared for as clients, always with a timely and immediate attention to our orders, as well as your representative, ABS Costa Rica; also the understanding to our company’s form of payment. We are very happy with ABS Costa Rica’s service and we hope the relationship between the parties will always remain this way.”

Dr. Gustavo Barrantes Chaves
Mundimar S.A. – Chiquita


“I hereby extend you our appreciation for the excellent staff instruction training course for the National Training School of the Traffic Police, in using the new alcohol sensor we purchased; the FC-20 Lifeloc model which we find easy to use and of great quality for our control purposes.

We are very grateful for the quality service received by the manufacturing company you represent, their support and communication, so we may achieve a professional use and an ample knowledge of the FC-20 Lifeloc alcohol sensor, therefore being able to transmit the acquired knowledge.”

Msc. Vidal Juárez Guido
Director Escuela Nacional de Policía de Tránsito